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Given A Million Names

What Will You Call Me?

16 September 1988
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I play these characters at the following...

Ritsu Kasanoda kickthecanplz
(Queen) Minnie Mouse her_mouse_jesty
Fluttershy 3_butterflies

Ritsu Souma trouser_chimp
(Queen) Minnie Mouse her_mouse_jesty
Fluttershy 3_butterflies

I also have the following homeless journals, frequenting dear_mun and dressing-rooms and such. PM me if you have something to talk about concerning them~

AU!Belarus (Hetalia) 1withlithuania
Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic 2006) absolutiondream
Alecto (the tarot cafe) blackestscales
Lien-da (archie sonic comics) commissioner_da
Usopp (one piece) creative_lies
Mirage (aladdin) desert_illusion
Daisy Duck(Kingdom Hearts) donnadonnaduck
Duke L'Orange (mighty ducks) dontgiveapuck
Roger Rabbit (Who framed roger rabbit) icangiveyastars
Manic (sonic underground) meandmydrum
Bunnie Rabbot (satam) missmecha
Lichtenstein (hetalia) not_mountainous
Princess Peach Toadstool (super mario) prettyasa_pichi
Vanilla (sonic x) rabbitmilf
Knuckles (sega) sonof_servers
Cosmo (sonic x) toblossom_todie
Greece (hetalia) ami_nekogoro
Kagura Souma (fruits basket) catsmashfever
(Queen)Minnie Mouse (kingdom hearts) steamboatqueen
Iago (aladdin) redeemed_polly
Piyoko (di gi charat) blacknwhitenpyo
Takashi Morinozuka (ouran) serverofshota
Kir (king of bandits jing) drunkonroyale
Amy Rose (sonic the hedgehog) ringaroundrose
Makoto Kino (sailor moon) most_talented
Freya (chobits) pennate
Umehito Nekozawa (ouran high school host club) scaryoniichama
Rue (princess tutu) raven_daughter
Saki Hanajima (fruits basket) couldbeeeepthem
Marie Curie (afterschool charisma) marie_cured
Sakutaro (when they cry) glompedbystakes
Mickey Mouse (kingdom hearts) souris_keteer
Morgana McCawber (darkwing duck) femmefatalefowl
Umehito Nekozawa (ouran high school host club)fufufromouran
Magica DeSpell (disney) dime_is_mine
Princess Luna (my little pony) moonmajesty
Ryoga Hibiki (ranma 1/2)onaworldtour


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