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If anyone's gotten an e-mail from me (Melcat33@aol.com), don't open it. I was hacked last night. I changed my password and ran virus scans since then, so hopefully nothing big will come of it.
was yesterday. I’m 24 now! As a surprise, Mom and Dad took me to the city - New York City. They were pretty pissed at how expensive the train’s gotten since last time we went.

Dad: Can you believe this?!

Mom: Thank god she’s worth it.


So after some confusing subway mixups, we went to the Central Park Zoo. I COULD JUST WATCH THE PENGUINS ALL DAY, AWWWWUGH, THOSE CUTE FAT FUCKERS. Mom got a video of them swimming! And we saw puffins and ring tailed lemurs and went to the petting zoo where goats rammed their heads together and I got to pet a sheep :3 Then we walked the Highlands, which is kind of like a boring park a story up. But as we were walking… I swear to god I saw The Nostalgia Chick! We walked right past her!


Then we ate outside at a restaurant where the service was terrible but the food was delicious. I had shrimp and calamari pasta, nomnomnom. Then we went to Times Square where I was allowed to pick out presents to buy. So I bought a shirt and sweatshirt with mickey and minnie on them :3 Honestly I wanted to buy ALL THE PLUSHIES (there was Panchito and a Bert!Mickey and a vinylmation of Minnie in a Kimono HNNNNNGH)  but I am an adult and so my parents will not let me buy plushies >3> But then we went home and now I’m answering all my messages.

All in all, a pretty good birthday!




really really. the e-mail said it was done. DONE. nothing more I gotta do. they'll put my name on the website and everything.



Beat the ‘beginner’ mode of KH3D, and started the regular mode. But mostly focusing on Pokemon Conquest now. Beat the main narrative and have beaten three of the post-game episodes. Tons of fun.

Internship may have ended this week or next, the e-mails I’ve gotten about it are kind of confusing. graduate school I’m applying to says they haven’t gotten my Letters of Recommendation, even though both people I asked them from said they sent it. Started a new fanfic this week, Grimm City.

I guess that’s all for my life now.
figured I should say something here, since I last wrote.

finished a fanfic since then. applying for graduate school.

i thought i was only at one warning

because i never used a goddamn cash register before having this job

but apparently i screwed up so badly i jumped ahead two

even the manager on duty didn't know exactly what i did wrong

how the fuck does that even happen

how the fuck did i not even last one fucking month there

i am just.... fuck. why am i so fucking pathetic
Been a while since I've updated.
  • Despite me continuing to suck at my job, I'm still hired, and apparently have a 401k investment thingie.
  • Mom and Oldest Sis are away for the week.
  • One of our cars is dead.
  • No complaints about the internship, everything seems to be going smoothly there.

And, finally, I did something to my ankle, not sure what. On Saturday, work called telling me I was late (Apparently I'm supposed to call them on Fridays to ask about the future schedule, but no one told me to do that, so I didn't, so I was called and late) on Sunday I was worried about being late again, so I ran down the stairs, heard a hideous noise from my ankle, and found myself in a world of pain. Went to work anyway where it wound up swelling up, and me being in so much pain I almost cried/vomited and needed several meds in order to get any sleep.

On the plus side, I'm really getting along with one of my managers, Michelle. She might even clear up some difficulties I've had with the other managers.

Back to the ankle.I iced it on and off all day yesterday, but today I have work. Dad's been debating if I should see a doctor, as he believes they'll just tell us what we already know. I have work today, tomorrow, and thursday, all of them six hour shifts involving me standing at the register and walking around the store to clean up and such, which probably isn't good for the ankle. The problems are that A) my ankle isn't exactly healed, even though the swelling has really gone down, in that it still hurts to walk normally and turn with it, and B) according to mom looking at my bank account, I still haven't been technically paid yet. So I need to keep going to work until I collapse or they kick me out.

So, yeah. Not going to be a fun week. I can't wait for mom to get home and we can see Brave together.

so apparently I’m working tomorrow 3-7

I know this because the place called here… and no one picked up (My older sis and dad are home) while I was busy with a friend’s livestream.

Dollar place also wanted me to call back with some confirmation about stuff I did for their online background check. I’d do that easily…

IF THEY FIXED THEIR FRIGGIN’ PHONE NUMBER. It’s still disconnected when I try to call them! And I didn’t know I’d be working tomorrow, it wasn’t on any schedule. No one tells me anything, I have to find out at the last freakin’ second. geez.


It’s been over four years since I’ve worked in retail, and I haven’t missed it. My aching feet reminded me why. So here are the highlights.

Working with nice people. Nice, just… very very forgetful. Anything they didn’t tell me, I had to find out on my own whether is was right or wrong.

The ‘break room’ where we leave our things is very small (just a table, mini fridge, and work schedules) and has no locks. So really anyone can come in and steal anything.

I clean up aisles, unpack things and put them in their place, but for the first time in my life, I worked the register. And boy do I suck at it. I have to memorize my SS, and there’s tons of odd combinations I have to do if a customer wants to retract an item. Now the thing is, I am TERRIBLE with math in all forms. Counting, handling change, you name it, I suck. I screwed up so much today… one of the managers said there’s a certain number of times you can do give back incorrect change before you get terminated. And I did it 3 times today.

So… yeah, Mom said if I am terminated next week or something, not to “get offended”. She really wants us to keep looking for other jobs, since the security in this one is so terrible. But for now, a job is a job. I’ll be working on Weds and Thurs next week. Fingers crossed.






So the other day the dollar place called back, and after filling out their online background check, I have to wait for them to call me for a 'start date', so I guess that means I'm hired. $8.50 an hour, not too shabby.

Today I got the starting paperwork for my internship. From what I understand so far, I'll be looking for art, videos, etc to put into a virtual museum that is all about public service and the good stuff it can do. I'm a little confused on the timetable they gave me, and (herp derp that's what I get for not checking tabs on excel) I have to attend a conference call in a few days (I'm not good on the phone so I'm not looking forward to it.) However, it's becoming less intimidating the more I get to understand it. (It's still very intimidating! Just a bit less so.)

So it looks like I'm going to have a busy summer ahead of me. I just hope I can handle it.

Last time on our heroine's adventures, the Dollar Store's phone number was disconnected. Since then, her mother and elder sister have ventured into the store, and informed them of the number mishap. The manager then promised to call on Thursday for a phone interview!

And didn't!

So Thursday night, Melissa returned to the dollar store to ask WHAT THE HELL I JUST WANT A GODDAMN JOB, and so was given a face to face interview the next day!

She endured obvious questions, a ridiculous assessment test that asked her "if you were a nurse, blah blah blah, what is the most logical answer" and "would you ever steal from us", and then waiting a half hour for the manager to get back because the manager forgot she was there!

Will our heroine get a job there? Will she ever hear back from the store? And will the internship she got accepted to over a week ago ever tell her what in the hell she's actually going to be doing? Stay tuned!

So today I got a call from Dollar General (a dollar store), one of many places I gave my resume. Today, they left a message on the phone, asking if I was still interested in a job.

So I’m thinking, HUZZAH, EMPLOYMENT AT LAST! So I call the number they gave me… and the phone tells me the number’s disconnected.

So I relisten to the message, maybe I got the number wrong. Nope.

So I go to the website, maybe the caller got the number wrong. Nope.

WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE NOT WANT ME TO GET A JOB. I’ll try again later and tomorrow, even drive by the store this week if I have to, but COME ON, UNIVERSE.


Truth be told, I’ve applied for dozens of internships along with dozens of jobs every week, so to actually find out I’ve been accepted by one still hasn’t really sunken in yet.

Anyway, it’s unpaid, a stay-at-home kind of deal. From what I’ve been able to gather, I’ll be writing articles about a museum and doing video calls with the people in charge. It’ll be for 20 hours a week, from June to August. I still haven’t been given the full details, though. So right now I’m not sure I can handle it, but I’ve got little choice in the matter. Guess I’ll just have to see where things lead.

Since I have nothing better to do until my fanfic beta editor gets back to me with the latest chapter, why not use my journal to rant about something that pisses me off the more I learn about it.

Not politics, not religion... but a book series, "Fifty Shades Of Grey."

For those of you who don't know (And I apologize to those whom I am about to inflict this terrible, terrible knowledge upon) , E.L. James wrote Twilight fanfiction. It got popular, and so with some changes, she published an original novel about a twenty-something naive virgin named Anastasia becoming the sub to her boss Christian's dom. The trilogy is about their kinky love life. There are rumors of a movie development. If you'd like to read some passages, help yourself.

So, here are my problems.

actual quote - I’m all rabbit/headlights, moth/flame, bird/snake...Collapse )

I would like to hug Thor. With my legs.Collapse )
since I can't talk about ponies for a while, i may as well say... something.

Last night I had a dream where my ex-boyfriend was inviting me to go to NYC for Halloween. I agreed, and had a superhero costume picked out, but the day before halloween we were trying on costumes and he said he had gotten me a Nightmare Moon costume because he knew how much I loved MLP. Also somehow I wound up living right next to Disneyworld so I decided to hang out there before meeting up with ex-boyfriend and his friends. I got into a fun pretend fight with a girl who was pretending to be Queen Chrysalis. There were other people in non-disney costumes, like Utena and stuff. But I woke up. And it was weird because I haven't spoken to the ex since we broke up... and I don't live near Dworld, obviously.

And the night before that, I dreamed I was Perry the Platypus, trying to be a spy in some sort of factory, saving a frog and somehow trying to avoid the Onceler. Again it was weird because I don't watch Phineas and Ferb, nor have I ever seen the Lorax movie.

Makes me wonder what I'll dream tonight.

LEGIT EXCITED for today. I love weddings and romance when it comes my toons. At the same time, I’ve had so many reasons to dislike it already – disrupting the alicorn headcanon I had, Twilight suddenly having a brother, probably not going to see Luna again… and yet… CANDENCE IS SO CUTE, I can’t hate her, and WEDDINGS. Bring it on!

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since there's no new ponies this week... may as well talk about myself.
  • Still unemployed, though I apply for a job every week.
  • Allergies suck.
  • Little sis now has a boyfriend. It's weird, I feel like I haven't seen her in a long time, and she's not coming home for the summer. I feel like we've grown apart... which is FANTASTIC because she's a bitch.
  • Mom's already planning next year's trip to Disney :3 She wants to visit the other parks too.
  • My migraines have up and vanished completely. I don't think I've had any for two months. We're baffled, but happy.
  • Currently in four games on DW - Paradisa, Route 29, Vatheon, and Ink City.

I... think that's about it. Nothing's really changed.

Time for another Pinkie ep! I’ve been generally loving her throughout the season, and it’s an interesting way to end the ‘regular’ seasons before we go into that big two-parter next time. And I’m always fond of a good mystery. I hope they make it a toughie. (My bets are on the chocolate moose.)

a very hungry episode.Collapse )


Oh joy, another CMC episode. I love the girls, but I just love the mane cast more. Oh well, just gotta plow through it.

my little yawnCollapse )


Another Fluttershy episode, so the expectations are high! And a chance to learn more about Pegasi and their role in the pony world… why is it that I hated learning in school but I could sit through hours of lessons about magic ponies?

so much awwwww.Collapse )


Okay, I love the series. I got started when I read the first one for a Youth Literature class, and got hooked. I don’t plan on seeing the movie (because I’m a weak person who can read all kinds of blood and death stuff but I can’t stand actually seeing it), but I’m extremely happy it got made, and I think everything that’s been done with it has been the right choice. But of course I wouldn’t be ranting if I was happy, now was I?

i refrained from swearing. it wasn't easy.Collapse )

So the place I was applying for e-mailed me back today and pretty much said I wasn't getting the job.

So, yeah. Just have to try again somewhere else, I guess.

I just...  I dunno, it's almost getting to be a year since I graduated from college, and I feel like I keep letting my parents down. I'm the only one unemployed in the family - even my little sister just got hired last week, and one of my cousins got a paid internship yesterday. I'm happy for them, of course, but... I feel so damn useless. But I have no right to be upset, not when there's worse things happening to people, I'm blessed and lucky to still be where I am.

Just... ugh.
Had some trouble sleeping these past few days, dunno why.

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The computer people put in extra ad-block stuff for me, so yay.

In other news, I had the face to face interview. Had shoes cutting into the back of my heels, and the open-ended questions felt very silly, but the worst part of it was...

I said huger. As in "Well, I want writing to be my huger career..." Huge-er.

I'm an English major. I was screaming internally for the last five minutes of the interview.

Ah well... I'll hear back from them in a week whether I get to work in a food mart or not.
Not even home a week and once again my laptop has issues.

Damn thing can't find the hard drive and won't start up. Gotta drop it off at a place to get fixed.
Time to resume Pony reviews!

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I uploaded all my photos on my tumblr here. Hope you enjoy them!
Grandparents and Ma are at church, so I managed to snag some computer time so I could say the rest of the Disney trip. On my last journal, I said we had gotten to Liberty Square and Frontierland.

mom is a hoot.Collapse )